TOEKA Convenience Foods

We are a husband and wife team with a love of good food. After years in the Corporate world we had to make an important decision, do we live out our dream or accept the status quo? The answer came easy, we had to follow our dream and in 2008 we entered the food market with our own Coffee Shop, TOEKA Coffee Garden in Môregloed, Pretoria. In May 2011 we started TOEKA Cooked Meals and this was followed by TOEKA Convenience Foods in 2013.

The Coffee Shop unfortunately had to be closed due to various factors.

TOEKA Cooked Meals is a service in which cooked meals are delivered to various homes and offices in certain areas of Pretoria (please enquire if you fall in our delivery area). A new menu is available at the beginning of each month and we try to keep the menu season appropriate.

TOEKA Convenience Foods is a Deli situated in Gezina, Pretoria. Here we sell ready meals that can be kept in your freezer for those days that you either don’t have the time or the energy to cook a whole meal from scratch. Included in our range is authentic Bobotie, Lasagne, Curry and Chicken Pie to name but a few. To accompany your main you can choose from our wide selection of vegetables and starches.

TOEKA Convenience Foods also does catering for school, churches and individuals in the greater Moot area. We specialize in “Boerekos”, the way Ouma used to make it.

A must try is our desert range which includes Traditional Malva Pudding, an Apple Caramel Pudding and Cheesecakes.