TOEKA Convenience Foods


Your freezer doesn't need to be empty ever again. We make a range of delicious meals that can be prepared in an instant:
* Lasagne
* Bobotie
* Shepards Pie
* Chicken Pie
Single portions from R39
Medium from R69
Family from R98


In today's world it is very difficult to get time to spend with your family, or to have a few hard earned moments of solitude for yourself. Between work and cooking there is just not enough hours in a day…

Let us simplify your life by delivering a plate of tasty hearty food to your house or office. No more standing behind a hot stove for hours, not to mention the cleaning of pots and pans that seems never ending.


Our Deli in Gezina, Pretoria stocks our delicious Ready Meals as well as a variety of other Convenience Foods with the aim to simplify your life.

Some of our products include:

Our Cold Meat Fridge

Cold Meats (Various Hams/Salami)

Cheese (Gouda/Cheddar)

Ready Meal Freezers

Freezer to Microwave/Oven Ready Meals in 3 convenient sizes to suit single persons to families.

Veggie Freezer

A variety of prepared Frozen Vegetables to accompany any Ready Meal.

Puddings (Malva/Apple Caramel) to add a sweet finish to any meal.

In our Pre-mix Fridge

Melkkos Pre-mix

Cheesecakes (Fridge Cheesecake in three flavors; Lemon, Strawberry and Grinadilla)


Our Deli Freezers

Pork Products ( Boneless Ribs)

Pizza (2 Sizes and Various Toppings)

On the Shelf

Rusks by Stephan se happies

Free Range Eggs


Unbaked fridge Cheesecakes that will melt in your mouth. Available in two sizes:

* Desert portion (4 Portions)

* Single portion

Between R14 and R44